MPG, Medical Practice Group, we are a 25 years old school aimed at health sector professional people.

During our long training career, we have taught more than 500 courses, formed more than 20,000 students, displayed more than 400 accreditations in the Continuing Education Commission of the National Health System of Spain and signed more than 100 collaboration agreements with different hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. We can highlight the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami and the Karolinska Institute Hospital in Stockholm, where our students were being able to acquire the aptitudes, attitudes and competences needed for their professional growth.

Our Master and Postgraduate courses have their own pedagogical methodology and are recognized for Official Organisms. The endorsement of the Continuing Education Credits from the National Health System of Spain, the Catholic University of Murcia and the Miguel de Cervantes European University. These certifications help the students achieving a better position on the working market.

During this time, among other projects, we have designed ad hoc training courses for companies to form their employees in health care; Telefónica, AENA, La Paz Hospital or Takeda, for example. We also have coordinated the External Health Service of Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas airport and we have collaborated with the SESCAM (Castilla La Mancha Health Service) both developing the Oncological Plan and coordinating the First Continuing Education Local Plan of the rational use of the medicine.

Moreover, we have been technical secretariat of congresses and scientific societies, health mass media partner and consultant in the design of strategic plans and health awards. We translate health books and journal and do medical writing.

The commitment of MPG is not only that our students successfully finish the course, but also that they get a real training so they can be confident on their job. In MPG we offer the tools to love their career and promote.

Training Programs and Services

All our Master and Postgraduated courses are designed and teached in Spanish language.

Training for Nursing staff and Doctor

Master in Surgical Nursing

The students will learn all about the latest surgical technology and also the specific surgical instruments about each specialty in a simulated operating room.

Master in Oncological Nursing

The students will gain the abilities and knowledge to carry out the treatment and afford the personalized integral care of the cancer patient until the disease last.

Master in Critical Care

The students will learn how to manage all the treatment and care types for the critical patient according to each illness.

Master in Palliative Care

The students will learn how to afford the different patient situations that may be terminal. These patient could be oncological, Alzehimer’s, geriatric, pediatric, HIV, etc.

Master in Clinical Management

The students will learn how to manage the health resource of a hospital. They will know the basics of the management of economic, human and IT resources.

Training for Pharma Industry

Master in Market Access in Health

The students will be trained to ensure that patients can access medications, health products or nutritional supplements.

Master in Medical Affairs and Clinical Investigation

The students will know how to work in a medical department of a pharmaceutical company, the bases of clinical investigation, the bases of pharmacology, pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics or how to develop clinical trials.

In-Company Training

The In-Company Training we offer in MPG answers a vital necessity on companies: have highly qualified and continuously evolving professionals who know the latest developments in the sector.

As in MPG we have always bet to the continuous knowledge, we can offer effective solutions to cover the necessities of our clients with specialized and individualized training. We develop ad hoc projects for health companies so that we can adapt to them.


25 years training health professionals

1994 – 2019